Kalari Chikilsa Packages

Kalari – Place were training is imparted. Payattu- combat or action

Kalarippayattu, the ancient physical culture system of Kerala is one of the oldest systems of healthcare and physical well being. This is an exquisite system of martial art, exclusively designed for physical well being and self defence.

Kalari medicine is an integrated aspect of the Kalari tradition. It is a fully developed and advanced medical system for treatment of all kinds of orthopedics and neurological ailments. The marma (vital) system of treatment is unique and exclusive to the kalari tradition.

An exclusive and elegant system of massage developed by the Kalari tradition is intended for general health, rejuvenation and for specific ailments.
Sukha Thirummu (Pleasant Massage)
Chavitti Thirummu (Foot Massage)
Raksha Thirummu (Protection / Treatment

We arrange “Kalarippayattu” demonstration.
Ayurvedic / Kalari massage can be arranged for specific ailments and for rejuvenation.